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Swedish girls are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to Scandinavian beauty. And as connoisseurs of this particular kind of beauty, we thought it was high time we shared that knowledge. Whether you ended up on this article because you are currently dating or wanting to date Swedish girls, I bet you can still learn something new. Or at least enjoy the photos of pretty girls. Swedish women have been blessed with wonderful genes. They are what happens when vicious Vikings have a great taste in women for centuries upon centuries. Basically, if it were just up to genes alone, Swedes would be this nation of superhumans. Then again, it is never just up to genes. And Swedish women are notorious for their disregard for basic look good rules. The cuisine is not helping either.
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T he revelations in a new American report on pubic grooming just keep on coming. Evict it, extract it, uproot it, remove it. Perhaps you too keep a pube-free home, and pride yourself on a paved front lawn, so to speak. Why did I write that? It must have been to distance myself from the subject which, even in , makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, the idea of all these people spending all this time removing all this hair. And all the dandruff-like flakes of titillation that come with a headline that is genital-adjacent, and all that hair, drifting down toilets to clothe a fatberg, all that hair, matting itself into a jolly throw, for a winter in the sewer. I will keep it in quotation marks so that I can have it all, the discomfort, the distance, and the semi-joke. If they prefer a pubis that could be mistaken for Stanley Tucci kneeling down to plug his phone in, then who am I to judge? Also, Bros are back! The revelation that stunned me was one hidden in the depths of the data, where few dared to dig.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Members Current visitors. Interface Language. Log in. Forums Additional Forums Cultural Discussions. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In what countries do women NOT shave their legs?

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Members Current visitors. Interface Language. Log in. Forums Additional Forums Cultural Discussions. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In what countries do women NOT shave their legs?

Thread starter justjukka Start date Dec 15, I love the nice, smooth feeling of my skin man or woman, who doesn't?? I could never shave every night because it would irritate my skin.

Furthermore, I never enjoyed shaving my legs. While we were dating, my husband politely tried to convince me to stop shaving a few times. Stopping never really crossed my mind, thanks to the society in which I was brought up. I did convince him to stop shaving his face off every other day trust me, his skin looked irritated enough for that sentence to be viable , so now he keeps a nice, trim beard.

We both shave our underarms, due to body odor, and I don't like the feeling of hairy underarms. How do these shaving rituals translate into other cultures? Interesting question. I know for a fact that a few countries on this rock follow strict pogonotomy rituals, primarily connected with religious beliefs.

Over here, it is just done for hygienic purposes. Frank78 Senior Member Saxony-Anhalt. SDLX Master said:. Last edited: Dec 16, Grop Senior Member Provence. France is pretty much like Germany or the US regarding women. As for men, it depends much on them. Rozax said:. There's really no hygienic purpose for leg-shaving; it's mere vanity I'd say in Russia women born in the late 60s - 70s started shaving. I do not think their parents' generation did. I also believe it is more common in large cities than in the country or small towns.

Adolfo Afogutu Senior Member Uruguay. I am there with you Rosax, the culture that I was brought up in taught me that women with hair on their legs are disgusting and dirty. Even though it may no be strictly related to hygenic factors, it does add to the belief that women who do not shave their legs do not take showers either; and are equally negligent with other aspects of their personal care and perhaps with their jobs and ifestyles. And we go back again to the statement by rusita preciosa that mentioned associations with hippie and other alternative life styeles.

This doesn't mean that every woman shaves her legs, I presume most don't do it periodically but rather reserve it for occasions such as dates, or when wearing skirts. In the worst case scenario they can always cover up with clothing. Adolfo Afogutu said:. In my culture, nearly all women shave their legs and underarms. So, instead of people liberating themselves from these social pressures, they are just expanding to include men. That's interesting. A few months ago the New York Times had an article about the increasing tendency for young men in the US to shave their chests, not to mention even legs, groins, and armpits.

There seems to be a growing tendency in the generation under 30 or under 20? Also, this is being furthered by the cosmetics industry--much as was done to women in the s. It would seem that men are going down the same route.

I guess more money is to be made that way. Grop said:. Do many women still shave their legs rather than wax them? At the moment here in Italy a lot of the younger men and boys are waxing all over: hairy chests are not considered at all cool! That men in the south of Europe shave their legs is really nothing new.

A couple of decades agoNorth-European men only did so if they were into bike racing and I have heard various explanations why: For hygienic reasons in case of road rash, easier for the masseur and a few other - at first glance - plausible explanations. Then I stumbled over an old French book that dealt with bike races at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as with their participants. He also mentioned the practice of shaving the legs - something, which seemed very normal to do for aestetic reasons.

After all, they were out in full view of the public wearing shorts! This obviously spread, together with the sport, up through Europe, and stayed WITHIN the sport, and to make it socially acceptable they made up other reasons for doing it. It's hard to generalize, but in the US at least among women I know closely enough to be aware of this detail of their lives , shaving is the most common way. Going to a salon for a wax is usually done before a vacation or an important event.

As I understand, electric depilators are not very popular: I had a hard time finding one and even harder time explaining what that device is. In Russia electric depilators are pretty common and women who cannot take the pain, use razors. Waxing depends on whether the woman has the budget and the time. In Spain I think the most common thing is waxing in a beaty saloon, but some or most of the woman combine it with waxing at home or self shaving in order to save some money It is worth!

I take it home waxing is not that common then it's neither expensive nor time-consuming? In my personal opinion, compared to shaving it is too messy and time consuming; and comparing to a salon job, has much inferior results. I can't say to what extent women in the UK shave their legs. I do remember accompanying some American school kids to Russia in the mids. They took most aspects of the "culture shock" in their stride; but the girls were genuinely horrified that women dared to expose their hairy legs in the metro. Last edited: Jan 13, Einstein Senior Member Milano, Italia.

Some friends of mine went to Croatia when it was still Yugoslavia and told me the girls were "attractive but didn't shave their legs". It's probably changed now. A lot depends on how hairy women are naturally. I also think that unshaven women's legs bother women themselves more than men! That's probably true. While the men I know seem to prefer smooth legs, etc. And one other comment, related to the home waxing It's nice to wax once in a while as opposed to shaving every day I suppose those women were so horrified by hairy legs on other women, because they basic concept of what it is to be a woman and femininity was being shaken to the core!

It's a shame that it takes an artificial process to make someone feel more "complete" or "right. A few years ago home-waxing kits were heavily advertised on TV and the supermarkets promoted them in the aisles, but now I do not see any aggressive promotion and don't remember seeing them at the eye level in supermarkets. That could either mean that they did not prove to be very successful, or just that the demand stabilized and people who routinely use them, stayed loyal and make an effort to look for them. SaritaSarang Senior Member Oklahoma. There's really no hygienic purpose for leg-shaving; it's mere vanity.

SaritaSarang said:. I think that it is hygienic, considering how dirt particles and other bacteria can latch on to hairy legs easier than clean shaven ones. Einstein said:. Jacobtm Senior Member NY. I would suggest that women shaving their legs etc. As a species, we have a lot of ways of sexually differentiating ourselves. It's rare to see a species so sexually differentiated as humans, but humans are an animal that is very sexual. We try to exagerate these differences to seem sexier.

Men are naturally more muscular than women because men have more testosterone than women. Men go to the gym to become more and more muscular. The natural difference in muscle mass is exaggerated to draw more attention from the opposite sex. Being big and muscly is very masculine, and no surprise that women generally prefer muscly men. In this same way, women are naturally less hairy than men. And so, to exaggerate their femininity, which has naturally endowed them with less hair, they reduce their body hair even more.

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